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With Karnplu - Herbs and Spices 

What is Karnplu - Herbs and Spices?

We are KARNPLU - Herbs and Spices  , subsidiary company of Pantawan Cooking, Chiang Mai.

Thai is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, enjoyed and loved by so many. Due to this reason and our abundance of experience in this field, we are extremely keen to offer our goods and materials.

Our goods are sourced locally by qualified producers and are guaranteed to be in pristine quality.


With that being said, by consuming our products, you will be ensured that your favorite Thai dish will have authentic aroma and taste - identically as to what is being consumed in our country. Please see the following variety list of goods we offer:

Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves

100G/ 500G/ 1KG/ 5KG

Kaffir lime leave is one of the crucial herbs for

Thai soups ; such as Tom Yum and Tom Kha.



Dried Galangal

500G/ 1KG/ 5KG

One of the "Trinity set" which allow you to make

the soup also chili paste(s).



Dried Galangal

100G/ 500G/ 1KG/ 5KG

Galangal is "Kha" in Thai.
Best for delicious soups and use it for many

variety of chili pastes.



PREMIUM and FINEST quality Thai herbs and spice.
AUTHENTIC taste delivered to your door. 




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