Thai Herbs and Spices

Traditional Thai herbs and Spices are affiliated with the Thai culture and have become integrated in the way of living of the Thai people lived through out the ages for a long time. due to Since Thailand’s has plentifully of resources and forestry. Furthermore Besides, each region represents its own uniqueness different climates and terrain types, which are the sources for the of a variety of herbs and production available in each locations. This These resources mean that can meet the world market needs for of natural products can be efficiently met very well. Health products and Thai herbs are well known for a wide variety of used in the health care business, through from direct consumption in the form of food, medicine or an ingredient in cosmetic products, to the products used in traditional Thai Spa and treatments.


Garlic is commonly used in nearly all Thai dishes. Thai garlic tends to be smaller and stronger in flavor, but any type of garlic can be used for Thai food. The easiest way to maintain standard recipes is by measuring in spoonfuls rather than in number of cloves.


Thai shallots are also often used in certain Thai dishes. These are smaller, more pungent, and more flavorful than western shallots.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime is a rough-skinned citrus fruit, and its rind is commonly used in Asian cuisine, especially in Thai curry pastes. It is ground up with the other ingredients into a smooth paste. The rind of this fruit provides a distinctive aroma for the dishes.


Lemongrass is a long, thick plant that has unique and refreshing aroma. It is used in a variety of Thai dishes, whether it is combined into curry pastes, or as flavoring for Tom Yum soup. You will easy find lemongrass-infused products outside of the food category. These examples include lemongrass herbal drinks, cosmetics, and refreshing cold towels.

Galangal (Thai Ginger)

Galangal is a root plant that resembles a young-looking ginger. It is another ingredient, like the lemongrass, which is used in combination of curry pastes and also in soups. Unlike ginger, it has a fresher fragrance and is very unique in taste. When using lemongrass in cooking, the recipe will often call for the use of galangal as well.

Coriander Root

Coriander (aka Cilantro) root is used as flavoring for stocks, soups, marinades, and curry pastes. It can be quite tricky to find coriander with its roots still attached in western countries, unlike in Asia where it is commonly found. The roots must be thoroughly washed before using. For maximum flavoring, lightly bash the thick part of the root with the flat surface of a knife. This will release the juices and provide more flavor.

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