Equipments and Utensils

Thai cooking involves making curry pastes and all the ingredients need to be combined together so that they form a paste. A large, heavy granite pestle and mortar is used for this. Thai families will always have one in their kitchen and they can also be used for grinding dried spices. If you do not have one, you can use an electric blender to make the pastes and a coffee grinder to grind the dried spices. Wooden pestle and mortars are used for making salads, most notably, papaya salad.

Mortar & Pestle

The stone kind is essential to Thai cooking. Use it to grind up curry pastes, marinades, smash herbs, etc.

Flying Pan Flipper

Flippers are a metal tool (or Wooden Flipper) used for flipping food over in a frying pan, on a griddle or on a girdle. Occasionally they are also used for serving with.




A ladle is a type of serving spoon used for soup, stew, or other foods. Although designs vary, a typical ladle has a long handle terminating in a deep bowl.

Ladles are made in a variety of sizes depending upon use.

Sticky Rice Steamer Pot and Basket

A sticky rice steamer pot with bamboo basket thingy. The top of the pot looks like a funnel and the basket looks a bit like a straw hat (rattan weave).

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